About Us

So Natural is home to a growing industry of healthy, natural products. We currently supply fresh nuts, artisan nut butters, Medjool dates, pomegranate juice, raw honey and kombucha jun, all of which is locally sourced to help boost the South African economy. The numerous praises we receive from our clients are testimony to the consistency and quality of our products.
Whether you would like to purchase our wholesome products for yourself and your family, or to stock in your shop, be sure to contact us for further info.

Meet the Team

Michael Oosthuizen


Matthew Oosthuizen

Sales & Marketing

Estrela Oosthuizen


Florence Qaoka

Factory Manager

A message from our founder

I first started making honey-fed Kombucha – called Jun – in 2017, in the garage of our Stellenbosch home. My family loved this gut-friendly beverage and soon, So Natural was born. As the range of Kombucha flavours expanded, so did our products. My husband works in the nut industry, allowing us to source fresh nuts directly from the South African farmers.

I then started experimenting with roasting and blending these nuts in my 20-year old food processor, which resulted in a unique range of artisan nut butters, all made in our home kitchen. My latest experiment, roasted pecan nuts blended with dates, resulted in the decadent and now flagship, Pecan and Date Nut Butter.

Our young and innovative son has recently joined us as Sales and Marketing Director, bringing in a host of new ideas and focusing on customer satisfaction. With my creativity, hubby’s business-mindset and my son’s vibrant approach, we are a proud family-run business and look forward to doing business with you.