Unlike many store-bought brands, our homemade nut butters are made without added sugar, preservatives, oils, lectins, peanuts or stabilizers. When ground, nuts release their beneficial oils and produce nut butters which are not only tasty, but rich in nutrients and healthy fats too. They are a pantry staple for anyone following a paleo or ketogenic lifestyle and are loved by young and old alike. Select one of the nutbutters below to see the short list of ingredients for each one and for ideas on how to use them in your meals. If you would like to stock our artisan nut butters in your store – contact us for more information on pricing.

Pecan pie in a jar.

The ultimate luxury in nut butters.

Versatile and nutritious.

Rich, nutty and delicious.

Delicately flavourful.


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Recipes for healthy living.